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Please make all lists alphabetic for ease of browsing. As lists grow in size consider breaking them down into sub groups if possible.

Also a short description about each would be good to include.


Australian Suppliers

Offshore Suppliers

Intermediary sites for buying from US

To buy restricted brands like Burton, Oakley, North Face from one of the above sites ( is the exception, they have no restrictions), you'll need to use an intermediary. These sites are based in the US, and place the order for you then ship it onwards, for a fee.

Other Links

OK, here's my version. Bongo's shipping rates are pretty expensive UNLESS you sign up for their subscription service. Subscription costs $15 per month whether you use it or not. If you subscribe they offer the discount shipping and they will do consolidations (e.g. put two things you've bought into one parcel to save you money), if you dont subscribe they wont offer cheap shipping or do consolidation. They appear to have been very aggressive in signing up online ski stores, the big attraction for smaller stores is that Bongo guarantee that they have verified buyers (that's us) credit card details. This gives smaller shops some peace of mind that they arent being ripped off. Personally, I cancelled an order for a DNA softshell jacket because the shop insisted I use Bongo! By the time I had added up the subscription (minimum 3 month commitment), adding another $45 to the price for Bongo membership wasnt worth it. I found another jacket elsewhere and had them send it to

Brand Websites

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